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Why Nerta?


  • Environmentally Friendly & Bio-degradable Chemicals
  • No Pre-washing Required: Tremendous water savings as foam is applied onto a dry vehicle. 
  • Touchless Cleaning: Apply foam on a dry vehicle. Allow a minute for activation. High pressure all soap off the vehicle. Air-dry (Without water streaks)
  • Efficiency: Ease of application and cleaning lead to almost double the vehicles cleaned per shift. E.g. Super-link in 35 minutes. SUV in 7 minutes. 
  • Effects: Extremely potent cleaning effect leaving your vehicles ultra-clean while still being completely safe on your paint and branding.



Nerta consists of high-end chemicals, in order to allow our customers satisfaction of our quality chemicals we have also imported add-on hardware that can provide a much better yield than most foaming systems. This means more cleaning can be carried out per a drum of chemical!

This hardware consists of:

  • 1x 20m High-Pressure Hose ( For Foam Use )
  • 1x Chemical Injector With T-Piece 
  • 1x Lance ( Different Lengths Available )
  • 1x Foam Nozzle
  • 1x Spray-Trigger Gun
  • Installation/Fitment Included

With the above hardware, clients have achieved the following yield:

  • +- 65 Super-Links – 25L
  • +- 65 Side Tippers – 25L
  • +- 600 Cars – 25L
  • +- 110 Assorted Trucks ( Super-Links, 4tn, 8tn, 10tn, 12tn ) – 25L

Industrial High Pressure Machines Can Also Be Supplied.


Generally much smaller machines are used at home as compared to industrial use hence the above hardware is unnecessary. We can provide a high quality foam cannon to help with great yield as well as to generate thick foam. 

High Pressure Machines For Home Use Can Also Be Supplied.